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Mycloudforest is an online shopping destination where you can design and create outdoor living & garden spaces for urban homes.

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Company registered



New Product Release

Started selling plants and garden products online through our website.


New Product Release

Pivoted from selling plants. Became outdoor living and garden design company.



New Product Release

New website for the company


New Product Release

new website catering to selling of balcony gardens online




Team Summary

1. Amit Nandi Fouzdar - Geophysics, IIT Dhanbad
9 years experience in technical and technical management role in Oil & Gas Business. Lived and worked across - Houston, Calgary, Lagos,Perth, Netherlands. Experienced in - Team Leadership, Business Planning. New Business Development, Mergers & Acquisition, Operational Efficiency.

2. Amit Kumar Keshri - Masters Earth Sciences, IIT Roorkee
9 years experience in technical and technical management role in Oil & Gas Business. Background and strong roots of running traditional business family. Founder another startup which failed due to poor team dynamics. Experienced in: Technology Development, Operations, Project development, Project Management.

Chief Design & Technical Advisor
3. Surabhi Johri
Education - Anna Gresham School of Landscape Design, NZ
Subject Expert in plants & thematic gardens


    • Amit Kumar Keshri

    • Co-Founder

    • Surabhi Johri

    • Chief Technical Advisor

    • Swetambra Singh

    • General Manager - Projects & Sales

Product/Service Summary

Mycloudforest is a highly innovative, personalized outdoor living and garden design marketplace for homeowners. It offers innovative & customized garden designs for urban homes.
With us customers can browse and buy balcony gardens online or can opt for customized designs for outdoor spaces.
Our product offering is as following - Balcony garden, Terrace garden, Landscaping, Artificial Grass, Vertical Garden. We also provide adhoc or recurring annual maintenance services for our clients.
Outdoor living and gardening is $5 Bln market in India, growing at a rate of 6% YOY. The market is Nascent, have tremendous growth potential and no existing major player.
The average ticket size for the products is as following (this is based on the real project values we have realized so far)
Balcony Garden - Rs. 10k - 50k
Terrace Garden - Rs. 50k - 7 lakh
Landscape Garden - Rs. 50k - 21 Lakh
Maintenence Adhoc or AMC - Rs. 250 - Rs. 5000

Product/Service Descriptions