Well-in Microfinance Corp.

  • Manila, Philippines
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Like Magellan no one believed on him that the Earth was round at first but he did manage to prove it

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

I am undergraduate of entrepreneurial management while Mhadel Guiwanon will graduate this coming next year, We are a friends before and experince some sort of ventures, we practice business thru experiences and i who are most experienced than to him, i made to have a 3 business such as San Pablos Best a food processing, Divisoria Trading Post and Maneki Neki Store, the 2 were shut down and maneki-neko is still operating. Mhadel made a business Plan that cames from my vissions she is major in accountancy while im an undergraduate i always attend to some entrepreneurial seminars and i do worked to a company that related to our business idea, We want to build this company because we want to help more micro-entrepreneurs to lift their lives and help there children to be financial literate, We know that in order to change the world we must need to change our norms first.


Founding Team

Dexter Clyde Arcosa


Product/Service Summary

• Small Loans -help families start their own small businesses and earn regular incomes.
• Savings accounts- provide a secure way to save for the future.
• Micro insurance -protects against emergencies.
• Back to Back Loan - it can be given to the customer who have a good paying method where no past due in there account and an early payment method.
• Calamity Loan - It is very important at all , all customer may be given by this loan as long as you have a good character and paying a 300.00 for the Foundation every year.
• Financial Literacy School - It is the best service we will offered to the customer where all of the customer needs to enroll their son/daughter, they will learn here some techniques on how the business may become a hobby and etc.

Product/Service Descriptions