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Build a market place of education by providing the service infrastructure in a common platform

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Shinto Anto -CEO, Domain Solution Consultant for Six Yrs, Endpoint and Cloud Backend Developer
Ninto Anto -Technical Lead, Manager GDG Cochin, Java/Android App Developer.
Linoj Wilson -Project Manager, Ex-Infy B.I Framework & Tools R&D Developer 8 yrs of expertise.
Harshil O H -Technical Architect, 7 yr expertise scalable Enterprise IT Architecture


Product/Service Summary

We are creating a common platform for education, which has three areas 1. Campus solution with Intelligence- generic model compatible for all type of institutions 2. Virtual Learning community- its an e-learning facility where e-learning business is done 3. Social Network Profile Builder- showcase platform of job seeker, startup ideas etc.

How are we different?

Generic model and template based customization, Independent Business Logic Implementation, reduces implementation - cost,effort,time. User front end available to split app services. E-Learning infrastructure helps to start new / integrate to targeted market place. Ranking Algorithms with credible information for profiles and categorization.

Product/Service Descriptions