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Your easiest APP to collect, share and act on a list of data. Secure, Safe & in a format you are familiar with ie. Mobile + Spreadsheets

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Team Summary

All 3 founders with multiple successful companies & exits. The technology underpinning this was built by the award-winning PaaS team of Wolf frameworks.


Product/Service Summary

Did you want to be able to deploy an app for any/every excel data list ?. Collatebox is the cloud platform to collect, share & act on spreadsheet data. It is secure and will allow individuals to share only PARTS (any row & column combination) of the master list securely with other collaborators. It was designed with a mobile first thought process.

How are we different?

There is no easy way to share, act and collaborate on data in a mobile first world !. When you add other requirements like the need to be able to work in a disconnected mode and mobile notifications on data triggers, CollateBox is the ONLY tool that fits the bill.

Product/Service Descriptions