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in.SOUL is a Building Block for Govt. of India Priority Urban Development Projects of Building 100 SMART CITIES;

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Mr Amitava Choudhury & Mrs Shefali Choudhury, 2 Founder Directors . Mr Choudhury, the idea owner with 49 yrs of Industry Experience is leading the Product development and Concept Marketing work. Mr. Parthasarathi Nag & Mr Sparsh R K Lata are other co-founders.
Parthasarathi Nag (Chief Operating Officer at A.S.C Computer Grassroots Private Ltd.)
A competent management professional, bringing over 12 years of rich experience in Operations, Service Delivery, Training & Quality, Client Relations & Process Management. Effective leadership through collaboration and consensus building in diverse industries and functions.
Sparsh K Lata is a Versatile, reliable, team player and efficient in high paced environments. Diversified skills include client relations, achieving targets, project mgmt, team mgmt, Excellent communication skills, along with mechanical design & analysis s/w.Joined as a co-founder specialising in Artificial Intelligence & Deep M/c Learning Driven Face Recognition Technology.


Founding Team

Mech Engg Graduate with PGDBM, wide steel, IT and General Management Exposure. Worked at Tata Steel 31yrs, Rolta India 4.5yrs & Freelance Consultancy.Conceived in.SOUL idea and promoted A.S.C Computer Grassroots for productizing the idea.


A.S.C Computer Grassroots Private Ltd. (2012 - present)

Mrs. Shefali Choudhury

Mrs. Shefali Choudhury


Mrs. Shefali Choudhury is wife of Mr. Amitava Choudhury. She is a Musician (Vocalist). She provides not only moral support but also is an equal financial stake holder in the company; shares personal experience in product development.

Parthasarathi Nag

Parthasarathi Nag


A competent management professional, bringing over 13 yrs of rich experience in Operations, Service Delivery, Training & Quality, Client Relations & Process Management. Provides Effective leadership thru' collaboration& consensus building

Sparsh R K Lata

Sparsh R K Lata


A Versatile, reliable, team player, with Excellent communication skills, along with skills in mechanical designing and analysis software. Specialising in Artificial Intelligence and Deep Machine Learning Driven Face Recognition Technology

Product/Service Summary

in.SOUL (iS) is an 8 Module Mobile cum Portal App Based Enterprise Platform to Manage Total Ops of a Large Housing Complexes; Mgmt. of i)Visitors (VM) ii)Ownership &Tenancy Data(OTM) iii) Emergency &Disaster (EDM),iv)Services Delivery(SDM), v)Events & Relationships(ERM),vi)Common Area (CAM),vii)Finance&Accounts and finally viii) Legal Compliance&Redress (LRM) are functionalities of 8 ‘iS’ modules
Built Over Reliable, Fast Response Non-Contact Bio-metric Access Control System (BACS) ‘iS’ Proprietary Sense Assurance Protocol enables interception of Fraudsters and Suspects before final campus exit; Over the shelf BACS may detect Identity Fraud But none intercepts a Purpose Fraudster / Fraud Suspect like ‘iS’ without violating Residents’ Privacy.
E-wallet, Payment Gateways,integrity with VM and end-to-end monitoring of all Delivery Chains make SDM ensure on time,Cost Effective,Reliable and Secured Service Deliveries.
iS :Vigilant Ecosystem of Mutual Trust shared by Residents & outsiders

Product/Service Descriptions