Concept Nation

  • Bangalore, India
  • FashionApparel, Crowdsourcing, Consumer Internet

Crowdsourcing fashion by enabling users to collaborate with artists to create wearable art.

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

Vibhu Pillai -- Founder
Prateek Solanki - Product Head
Patricia Felix - Creative director
Vineeth Venugopal - Technology and Development
Tasha DSilva - Content and Fashion


Product/Service Summary

Consumers can create concepts for t shirt art and invite independent artists to work on it.this is enabled by a social network where communication and collaboration can be achieved. All the clothes have a story of people coming together and creating fashion. Artists earn a percentage of revenue generated. And contributors get coupons and freebies.

How are we different?

Every t shirt is created digitally and has a story of creative people coming together and collaborating. Region specific fashion trends can be addressed to by observing user behavior.Products that capture the emotion and culture of the people by allowing them to create their own concepts.

Product/Service Descriptions