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ConiX is a notebook advertisement startup looking to provide a better mode of advertisement to industries whose target is primarily students


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This day three of us agreed upon and committed ourselves to this business idea.




Team Summary

Sushobhan Ghosh - Final year B.Tech, IIT Delhi. 2 years of experience in team management and logistics while serving as the Student Secretary of Technocracy, the Technology Club of IIT Delhi. Also worked as an intern in statistics and data analysis at University of British Columbia, Canada.

Deepanshu Bhatia - Final year B.Tech, IIT Delhi. Organized various events as the Event Coordinator of Entrepreneurship Cell, IIT Delhi. Also served as the Marketing Head of Astronomy Club, IIT Delhi. Pursuing a minor degree in management at Department of Management Studies at IIT Delhi and worked on various live projects in market analysis, creative problem solving and managerial economics.

Khushal Bapna - Final year B.Tech IIT Delhi. Experienced in marketing as the Marketing Head of Sportech 2015, IIT Delhi. He is also the Coordinator of publicity and outreach at Spic-Macay, IIT Delhi chapter.


Product/Service Summary

ConiX is a notebook advertisement startup which looks to provide an better mode of advertisement to the industries whose target customers are primarily students.

How are we different?

We have a focus group i.e students
Notebooks have a long shelf life (months to years), and hence more exposure time for advertisers
We advertise in the cover pages of notebooks for maximum visibility
Our charges are nominal compared to Newspapers and TV ads.
We provide local as well as large scale advertisement depending on the need

Product/Service Descriptions