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We are of young talents with innovative thoughts that would satisfy the whole group of market.

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Team Summary

We are of young talents who are new in to the market with innovative thoughts who has the desire to fulfill the dreams of the organization as well as the self deserved goals.Though we do not have the well experience in terms of work that does not mean we are not dedicated towards the work.We are intended to work for the benefits of our clients.


Founding Team



Product/Service Summary

Introducing to the market ,the new concept of Onf-commerce . The area of concentration is purely the victims of online marketing like retail outlets, local vendors etc.The initial step will be with the fast moving gadgets and later to diversification of the products. This concept will change and fluctuate the so called prevailing marketing conditions and scenarios.The ideology behind this concept is to satisfy both the customer as well as the business holder.
• It changes the entire market scenario.
• It will be easy access to the customers from home itself.
•Our concept acts as the mediator between retailer and customer.This will create a lot of scope among the younger generations
Initially we are planning with fast moving gadgets and later on we are expecting to diversify in terms of products.We do plan to expand our application to all parts of India in the coming years.

Product/Service Descriptions