• Nagercoil, India
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At Contentop, we are building a next generation content generation engine using wide range of Artificial Intelligence approaches like NLG

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Programmer for an emerging tech startup Software Engineer
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Nagercoil, India
Python, SQL

Job Description
ContentOP is a start-up developing the future technologies for Knowledge engineers. You will be one of the first employees at this start-up.
We expect somebody who is passionate about learning new technologies, growing their talent than about a huge paycheck. We are an equal opportunity company. Having said that, we will not discriminate based on age, gender, race etc.
i.e. We are less concerned about what you are than what you are upto.
We won't ask you about your percentage score in your degree or school or won't ask you about the number of arrears/backlogs. We are not concerned about whether you studied directly or by post(correspondence). We will only test your ability to grow up to the demands of this product idea.
Apply if you are okay to work from a small office, simple paycheck but in flexible work hours with great lifestyle.

Team Summary

We are a team of five. An UX expert cum programmer, information expert, one programmer and one business analyst.


Product/Service Summary

ContentOP helps bloggers & writers create outlines for their articles, blog posts or similar content just by searching for the relevant keywords & then selecting from the suggested topics.

How are we different?

ContentOP brings down the writing time by eliminating the time wasted on learning the subject, researching, searching for hints and identifying the right topic.


Our approach is unique because ContentOP is built on our own expert system that uses NLP & machine learning algorithms.

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