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CoreLogs is a Business enabling website for SMEs & Manufacturing Industries and a platform to connect the SMEs to the world and vice versa.

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Team Summary

Surya Prakash- Handles Backend dev, Marketing, Product. 2 Years in TCS as PLM software Engineer. From NIT Jamshedpur.
Arvind Tiwari- Handles Front end dev, UI/UX, Design & other Tech part. Fresh Graduate. From NIT Jamshedpur.
Udit Verma- Handles Growth. 4 Years at Tata Steel. Experience in Project Management, SCM, Mechanical Maintenance. From NIT Jamshedpur.
All of us were part of an ATV Manufacturing Team at different but overlapping times in college through which we got connected to SMEs and got to understand their working and the dynamics.


Product/Service Summary

CoreLogs is an online Business Enabling Platform for Small and Medium Enterprises. We are bringing all SMEs on one common platform, give them a uniform identity on internet (Company Profile), let them list and search for products and connect to other SMEs and consumers through leads, quotations, inquiries, messages and network updates. In Short it is an Ecosystem of SMEs on Internet.
Through our basic cloud CRM, we help multiple members of an SME to collaborate effectively in managing business related data.
Later on when the user base becomes big enough and we have resources, we plan to provide basic cloud based PDM & PLM services to SMEs. This has got great market potential if implemented effectively and we can take on entire market.

How are we different?

The present Scenario is that Millions of SMEs in India do not have a common platform. The websites that provide an insight are actually directory based models and contain a list of links of SME websites and a list of products. There is no network of SMEs on Internet through which they could truly interact.
Also, we are providing SMEs where multiple people from an SME can collaborate to manage business related data like leads, inquiries & quotations ie. a basic cloud based based CRM which is especially designed for SMEs. CoreLogs is actually a unique integration of wide range of features which enable Business for SMEs.

Product/Service Descriptions