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Revolutionizing a 2-decade old industry. High-quality dry cleaning service, making fabric care awesome. MINK stands for Trust & Confidence.

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Beta Launched

Beta Launched for closed groups of friends.



Out of Beta Phase, Launched in Powai, Jogeshwari, Chandivalli.



Closed Angel Funding



Team Summary

Shubham Bansal - Product, Technology, Strategy, Investor Relations
IIT Bombay (Electrical Engineering, 2012)
OlaCabs, TinyOwl

Rohit Yadav - Operations, Customer Relations
IIT Roorkee (Biotechnology, 2013)
Flipkart, TinyOwl

Ashish Tayal - Sales and Marketing
NIT Trichy (Civil Engineering, 2014)
Founder - Raita.com, TinyOwl

All 3 co-founders were the part of TinyOwl’s core operations team and were majorly responsible for starting and expanding TinyOwl’s operations from one locality in Mumbai to 4 different cities. The never-ending itch to create something big from scratch was already going on inside us individually, but It wasn’t until one day when we all had a con-call expressing our joy of launching 4 cities, which led us thinking about a simple question - What if this was our own company? So we all decided to start a business in order to find the same answer. And after one year the ambitions have just multiplied.


    • Shubham Bansal

    • Co-Founder

    • Rohit Jain

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

Mission and Vision
From a personal learning and experience which led me to start such a service. One day, I was getting ready for school when I got a good scolding from my father one morning. Reason? - My Shoes were not polished properly. I thought it was about hygiene/cleanliness/Proper look or etiquettes. But my father had a different outlook on it and was addressed to a much bigger cause.

He believed that proper dressing/attire (clean and neat) add’s to the last bit in our confidence and that transfer to every aspect of our life which may be work, relationship, friendship or anything. With little extra effort, the results are tremendous. Since 'confidence' is an addiction, the good keeping of clothes/shoes etc became a habit soon and is now a part of my personality. With MINK, we want to provide same to our consumer. “We are confident, We want you to be confident.”

How are we different?

Every other laundry startup / traditional laundry business is solving the problem of “convenience”. We believe this is not the priority issues and hence focussing on this results in decaying user base.

Real Problem (Priority wise) - Quality, Experience, Comfort! Which overall becomes the problem of Trust & Confidence. MINK is solving the problem at its core and not at superficial level.

MINK aims to become a synonym of Trust and Confidence amongst users. A person should not be afraid of wearing clothes they love just because of the fear of damage and absence of quality service provider.

Product/Service Descriptions