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Here's finally a tech company which holds founders by their hand and launch their ideas as partners.

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Team Summary

We have the right combination of Business and tech consultants bringing their complimentary skills together to assist founders. We understand that startups arent comprehensive when it comes to requirements and business planning, we help them through this hurdle, define the tech requirements and provide MVPs. More often than not these MVPs help the founders to define and redefine their ideas. We only work for projects we believe in, with over 50+ of total team experience including working for Big 4s, our team brings the whole spectrum of offerings on the table.


Founding Team

Cubebloom Technologies LLP


Selvakumar Sankaravel


Product/Service Summary

Cubebloom is a dedicated development studio focused on startups in terms of turning ideas into reality. We only cater to companies at an early stage and carefully select projects which have committed and dedicated founders with a clear vision.

From an MVP to a functional platform or a mobile app, Cubebloom technicians have experience of working with large Multinationals. It doesn’t end there, with experience of working in Big 4s, Cubebloom also provides continuous advice to its customers to improve their business plan, revenue models and launch strategy together with targeted customer acquisition.

We understand the situations and journey the startups have to go through and hence agility and flexibility is what’s driving all our projects. This company doesn’t bother its clients with change requests and ongoing invoices. Once we take a project, we finish the product until it’s fit for use for your consumers.

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