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Culinate offers Chef curated meals, sustainably prepared and doorstep delivery

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Nov 26, 2016


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Apart from offering affordable and exotic healthy options for breakfast, lunch and dinner, the folks at Culinate also make it a point to prioritise hygiene in their kitchen and eco-friendly packaging in their deliveries.

Sep 29, 2016


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The main motivation behind Culinate was to dish out nutritious food, made of healthy ingredients. They have got a nutritionist on board who’s helped them decide portion sizes. We ordered in from Culinate one fine morning; we loved the fact that they

Jul 20, 2016


Food Tech, here we come, market is gloomy, we are not!




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Team Summary

Team is ably led by Rajiv Kumar, Managing Partner and an Ex management Consultant. He's responsible for P&L and Operations.
Nancy Gulani is Second Partner and helps in Mentoring and Team Management
Business is supported by 1 Head Chefs, 1 Sous Chef, 3 Helpers, 4 Delivery Riders and 2 Operations Personnels
Total Team Size is 11


Product/Service Summary

Culinate addresses the problem statement "I'm too busy to eat well". Our USP is that we own the entire Value Chain from Meal ideation to crafting to online ordering to Logistics, hence control the customer experience
We deliver Chef crafted recipes, made with exotic and often Organically produced ingredients, in a Kitchen that is cleaned at least 3 times a day by Pressure Steam, cooked in Wilberger certified Cancer Free cookware, can be ordered and paid for online and is delivered at the Customers' doorstep. We address the broken 'Healthy Food' segment by use of technology and Personalised Meal curation.

How are we different?

Unlike most, we own the entire Value chain of food production at our own kitchen, to online and seamless ordering to delivery by our own logistics fleet, that helps us control the entire customer experience.
We clean our kitchen 3 times a day with Steam Pressure, that ensures germ free cooking. Our ingredients are all hand picked, mostly certified organic produces. They're washed in ozonated water using Ultra Sonic cleaning that ensure Zero bacteria, pesticide, insecticide and Rota Virus in all veggies and meat.
We use all natural ingredients, natural preservatives, cook food at prescribed temperature and innovate on delivery
Our packing is 100% certified Food Grade, Biodegradable and Microwaveable
Such focus on experience sets us apart from the competition and helps us experiment and innovate with Palate, which in turn helps us command better premium

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