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We place "Your brand in Customer's Hand" for 5-7 minutes with no other product vying for attention.

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Team Summary

We are 5 team members. A serial entrepreneur, 2 fresh NMIMS, Mumbai graduates and 2 other full time employees. Our full times employees have been mapping the canteens and retail tea vendors for past 4 months. The MBA graduates pitch to the clients while serial entrepreneur takes care of business modelling. We have been working for 4 months now.


Product/Service Summary

We are into the business of advertising on paper tea cups at tea stalls and college canteens in Mumbai. We have tie-ups with 1500+ tea vendors and 150+ colleges. Our advertising medium provides 5-7 minutes of exposure time which is unheard in any other medium. Our survey shows that 100% audience noticed it while 80% had aided recall.

How are we different?

It is the pain which we have taken to capture every detail about the stalls which differentiates us. The stalls are categorized as per point of interests, viz, industry, offices, banks, hospitals etc. Thus, we are able to provide customized advertising to the target audience. Besides we also offer standees, miss call to sms services for our clients

Product/Service Descriptions