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"Curespring", Telecare-as-a-service platform enabling patients remote access to specialist doctors.

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Team Summary

We are a Team of Doctors & IT professionals with more than 200+ years of combined experience. We have a Cardiologist, Urologist & a Pediatric Surgeon on our team apart form 3 IT professional with 90+ years of experience. Our vision is to enable at least 10000+ teleclinics over the next 5 yrs and address issue of access to Specialist doctor care.


Product/Service Summary

Curespring offers a cost effective Tele care as a service platform to enable remote patient care transformation and reduce overall cost of care for patient. The platform enables establishing Doctors network, Sharing of patient data, Secure video chat, remote Diagnostic review through Tele-Imaging (Web based PACS) and medical devices connectivity

How are we different?

We are in the business of reducing logistics cost by 40% for patients. Our solution enables TeleCare as service by enables building doctors network, secure video chat, sharing pf patient diagnostics and medical devices connectivity. We feel this is useful for chronic disease management, second opinions, pre-surgical & post discharge consults.

Product/Service Descriptions