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  • Delhi, India
  • Energy & SustainabilityClean Tech, AIMachine Learning, Internet of Things, SaaS, Subscription Commerce

NEST for buildings. We help buildings save power bills by using IOT and AI.

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Team Summary

Our team has a combination of the required complimentary skill-sets with past experience in our respective fields.
It was founded by Saurabh and Abhinav. Saurabh was an Ex- Nuclear scientist with work ex at CEA, and CERN which gave him a lot of exposure and practice with big data and analytics used at biggest scientific institutions, along with past startup experience where he was able to build a product, raise grants from Govt. and later on commercialised and sold the venture for over $1.5M.
Abhinav comes from core hardware and computer science engineering background with work ex at UC Berkeley and multiple IIT's across India over different IOT and wireless communication projects.
With this set of experience and expertise, we started this venture to solve an important problem of energy efficiency. Since this problem requires a solution which can leverage IOT and advanced analytics. Recently we hired a business development person with experience in B2B sales and work ex at Comic Con


Founding Team

Saurabh Vij

Founder, CEO

CEO @ Curie Labs, Founder & CEO @ GTI Labs, Project Scientist @ Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi


Curie Labs (2016 - present)

GTI Labs (2012 - 2015)
Founder & CEO

Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi (2013 - 2015)
Project Scientist


Ecole centrale de Paris
Master's degree • 2010 - 2010

Product/Service Summary

Our product is called as CEO:
Curie Energy Optimisation
It is a framework consisting of three things:
1. Sensors network
2. AI tools
3. Controller Network

Sensors and controllers work in sync with each other to provide a seem less automation experience with heavy power optimization at the back end.

Our AI driven analytics platform figures out the inefficiencies in real time and take over controls of the most power hungry units in a building to reduce power consumption.

Product/Service Descriptions