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Children practice spoken English by talking to a virtual cartoon character designed using NLP & AI

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

Vatsal & Shubham were hostel-mates in IIT Delhi & are friends for over 8 years. Both were early employees at edtech startup, Avanti (backed by MSDF). Vatsal led Sales in rural MP & Shubham led Product development while at Avanti for 3 yrs


Founding Team

Vatsal Dusad


Shubham Gupta


Product/Service Summary

Blackboard Radio is a spoken English tutor for children b/w age 3-10. It allows them to practice speaking English by playing speech-powered activities & talking to conversation bots. It features a community platform where parents can showcase their child's creative audio content (poems, stories etc) & share with family & friends.

The solution is focused on tier-2 and tier-3 cities in India. It works independent of schools and requires very limited parental supervision. It is extremely affordable and focuses on spoken English & not just theoretical part of the language.

The product by its design is collecting a lot of speech data of Indian children speaking English. This data will be used to create Machine learning algorithms which will provide feedback on speech characteristics such as pronunciation, fluency, and diction in the near future.

Product/Service Descriptions