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Services business owners get more customers and rev with our Web, mobile and social marketing tools

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Team Summary

Vishwa Kiran, 20+ years of IT and software product development experience with global exposure. Manoj Seshadrinathan, 15+ years of software development and research experience with global IT majors in cloud and SaaS technology. We have worked in the SaaS, Mobile, retail and web technologies and understand how to create a world class products that c


Product/Service Summary

online platform that offers CRM, scheduling for services, loyalty, memberships, Online promotion tools, feedback management, offers management, Online store, mobile & social apps for customer access, payment processing, staff management

How are we different?

We make the cloud work for SMB's by giving a radically simple user experience and value for money tools. This makes of a sticky customers who depend on our product for running key aspects of their business.

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