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CybrHome is a web curation platform that helps people explore the internet. CybrHome helps people find the best of the web (sites, apps, products, blogs) for work, career, fun and more.

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CybrHome at #5 – Campus Diaries 25 under 25 | Campus Diaries

25 under 25 is a list by campus diaries dedicated to the best 25 Indian Tech Startups that were conceived in college. CybrHome was ranked #5

Nov 13, 2015


CybrHome on Bangalore Mirror | Bangalore Mirror

CybrHome was featured on Bangalore Mirror just after being accepted for facebook’s FBstart program. Read about our team, the motivation and the problem we’re trying to solve. Here is the full story covered by Deepthi Sanjiv, Bangalore Mirror Bureau.

Oct 24, 2015


Facebook’s FbStart program. Facebook gives us up to $30,000 in free services.




Pre-seed grant of ₹ 3,00,000 from the Department of Science & Technology, GoI.




BizSpark startup. Azure benefits worth $9000 were granted by Microsoft.



Team Summary

• Shubham Badal, Founder & CEO
Shubham oversees strategy and overall direction. CSE, National Institute of Technology Karnataka (2012-2016)

• Ashish Gupta, Co-founder & CTO
Ashish is responsible for engineering operations and tech. CSE, National Institute of Technology Karnataka (2012-2016)

• Ajeet Lakhani, Founding Engineers
Ajeet builds and manages products and applications. CSE, National Institute of Technology Karnataka (2012-2016)


    • Ashish Gupta

    • Co-Founder, CTO

    • Ajeet Lakhani

    • Founding Engineer, Lead Developer

Product/Service Summary

CybrHome is simply a place for discovering websites. It is the world's best place to explore the web (sites, apps, products, blogs) for every purpose.

The best way to see how CybrHome works (and the product, design, progress, quality and use cases) is to browse and explore CybrHome for a couple of minutes on

We’re building a platform where one can hunt for the most useful and important websites organized into topics and categories. We're reinventing the web directory for the modern world using crowd-sourcing, bots and socialization.

We’re bringing people, website owners, content editors and technology on one platform to create the world’s best organized database of websites.

How are we different?

USP: Crowd-sourcing, Socialization, Content automation using Bots.

1. Content Categorization
Categorized content arranged under hundreds of categories and topics forming a solid knowledge base.

2. Category/Topic driven Search
Allowing not only query but also the topic, purpose or category of the query to be searched.

3. Semi-Automated Content
Bots + Editors + Site Owners + Crowdsourcing

Product/Service Descriptions