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Mark my words as i say it, your data shall be preserved

Proof of Concept

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Team Summary

we are some IITians and some of our friends from other colleges who shared the same vision of making this platform. We are all from computer science and mathematics background who have past experience in the field of algorithm design and coding in different languages.


Product/Service Summary

We are developing a platform to digitally preserve the data of our clients in such a way that we will be able to prove its authenticity and integrity. Also the data being stored will be of use to the designated community even without consulting with its creator and irrespective of any technology change in the future whatsoever

How are we different?

There is no other company working in the direction of digital preservation. There are many researchers working in this direction but none of them is working on providing end to end solution. As we will take up the requirements and provide them with solution, we stand out from every other company providing storage solution

Product/Service Descriptions