Daily Fitt

  • Mumbai, India
  • HealthcareHealth & Wellness, Fitness

Daily Fitt keeps you fit as per your convenience of time and location without wasting gym membership

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Team Summary

Shubham Kanoongo, Founder & CEO. Former investment banker @ Headway Capital in Mumbai, for 4 years. BSc. Accounting & Finance from LSE and MSc. Financial Management from Newcastle Business School.


Product/Service Summary

Daily Fitt - on demand fitness platform. We tie up with gyms and fitness centres and offer one day gym passes @ Rs. 150 and Rs. 175. With Daily Fitt, users can keep fit on the go without taking long term memberships at gyms. We are trying to eliminate the wastage of gym memberships and incorporating time and location flexibility in everyday fitness

How are we different?

We offer pay as you use passes priced @ Rs. 150/175. A single pass is redeemable at any of our partner facilities within 7 days. Users have an option to redeem a pass at any location within 7 days. There are no time slots, users can exercise at any time & location convenient to them, giving maximum flexibility to users to keep fit on a daily basis.

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