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Vegetables lose their nutritional value because of storage. DayZero delivers fresh veggies everyday.

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Ashok has 14 years of software development and digital marketing experience. Good understanding and experience with micro delivery model.


Founding Team

Ashok Kumar Kothinti


Product/Service Summary

Time is the most important factor when it comes to the nutrient breakdown of fruits and vegetables. They have a set amount of nutrients when harvested and begin to lose them the minute they are cut off from their food source. Once harvested, they begin to consume their own nutrients in order to stay alive. So, the sooner you eat a fruit or vegetable after it's picked, the better.

Vegetables respond to a daily clock

Yes, you heard it right! Vegetables respond to a daily clock, even after harvest. Experiments have shown that fruits and vegetables are sensitive to natural light cycles. However, storing them in a refrigerator or in a supermarket, in the conditions of constant darkness or light, breaks these cycles. As a result, the quality of products and their nutritional value is reduced.

Don't buy in advance in order to store

Biochemists from Rice University (Texas, USA) urge not to buy food in advance in order to store, as the fresh fruits and vegetables lose their nutritional val.

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