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Team Summary

We are team of two members and planning to expand. Our team members are highly motivated, dynamic; having both technical and entrepreneurial jovial


Product/Service Summary streamlines the online services mostly pertaining to retail market and consumer services in India. It’s core solutions include the following:

• E-Commerce Marketplace started in 2012

• – a Business Directory Listing launched recently has been able to attract millions of businesses.

• Cloud based SAAS Solution for Retailers - It is in the process of testing SAAS based offering

Having an integrated set of related services allows Deldure to boost its sales by cross marketing, increased customer satisfaction, increased sales opportunities, and improved inventory management powered by advanced technologies like BIG DATA analytics.

It provides directory service with 10 million business listings, deals in 12 million products online spanning across 21 major categories, 5000 sub categories, has more than 30,000 registered vendors, 5 million registered users and PAN India presence.

How are we different?

1. Unique Opportunity to Cross Sell and maximize repeat purchase
2. One App Mobile Solution - an app with a wide range of consumer services integrated
3. Lean Operations – Remaining bootstrapped for the last 5 years
4. Customer Acquisition without discounting / burning cash
5. Culture of Innovation - the culture of Deldure is built around “Innovation”, “Technology Leadership” and “Customer Satisfaction”.
6. Deldure is in the process of coming up with several industry leading innovations like:
• “Partial Cash on Delivery”
• “Social Commerce / Group Buying”
• “Scoring Model for Each Customer”
• “Multi-Lingual Offering” etc.

Product/Service Descriptions