DeTect Technologies

  • Chennai, India
  • Enterprise Software

An enterprise software that will create optimal solution to all industry operations and planning.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

We have ex-Goldman Sachs employees, ex-Reliance employees, mentor, who is dean of IIT Madras and highly energetic cohort of students. The team is well versed with the nuances required in creating this product, and as we get funding, we intend to expand more. We also have managerial support from professors of IIM Ahmedabad.


Product/Service Summary

We are creating a soul for manufacturing industries. A software solution that will optimize the turnaround and regular operations in any manufacturing intensive firm. Our software mainly focuses on creating value through recording and utilizing data to predict optimal usage of equipment. It will also rrevolutionize the performance measurement.

How are we different?

We are creating a unique platform that creates an opportunity for our customers to bring value to their business through accessing those data, which were not recorded earlier. We are also automating field communication, which haven't been done before. Our product is unique and has been accepted by our clients, even at a nascent stage.

Product/Service Descriptions