Dimensions Co.

  • Chennai, India
  • Enterprise SoftwareCloud, Big Data, Retail, Customer Engagement, Mobile, SaaS

Our product Thank-Bunny helps a business to retain customers and increase sales with proven game-mechanics and data analytics.

Early Revenues

Startup Video



Started the company Dimensions Co with initial clients from overseas.



New Product Release

Launched the product THANK BUNNY with a few clients and media coverage.




Team Summary

The Founder Seshu Karthick is an alumni of University of Texas at Dallas. With several professional certificates and 7+years of programming experience, he is the product Architect.

Team Leaders:
Soma Sundaram and Sri Raman lead the web development and cloud integration for the product. Divya Sindhuja takes care of UI, while Sukumar Raj lead the iOS Apps development.


Product/Service Summary

ThankBunny is a Customer Retention & Engagement platform that is mobile, social, and gamified.

ThankBunny empowers a business to execute its customer engagement activities effortlessly and auto-magically. The in-store app incorporate a customizable Loyalty framework, Feedback system, Email/SMS Campaigns, and Offers Mgmt system. Its powerful analytic engine will summarize the sales numbers, returning customers, and feedback ratings using graphs and charts.

How are we different?

Thank-Bunny has its focus on the retail stores and restaurants. Furthermore, the features of Thank Bunny are more holistic in terms of customer engagement beyond just loyalty programs.

Our data analytics and predictive algorithms help brands to engage with their customers with relevant communication. The mobile app and the in-store platform play well together to offer omni-channel customer engagement.

Product/Service Descriptions