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  • Gurgaon, India
  • FinTechCrowdfunding, Design, Social Impact, SaaS, Marketplace

Adding 'Scale' to Creativity : a community platform for Makers, Designers and Buyers to co-create

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Tech Co-Founder / CTO Product Manager
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Gurgaon, India
5+ Yrs of Experience, • Strategic development, api integration, Mobile Application Development, Cloud administration, DATA STRUCTURE, full stack developer, UI/UX, Lean startup, User Testing

Job Description
A teche by profession and change-maker at heart! 
Not a 'me-too' product expert or corporate ladder climber...
Abilty to listen and learn - teach and empower

Team Summary

Bootstrapped lean startup - with hands on buildup by the founders and crowdsourced talent on project based requirements


Product/Service Summary

A community platform for Makers, Designers, and Buyers. It creates networks by unleashing the power of markets to the makers and designers - 'enables' them to collaborate, co-create, share and market products and services by energizing the Designer- Maker - Consumer ecosystem at a Global scale.

Product/Service Descriptions