Pavan M Kothari

  • Mysore, India
  • Education, improvisation, Consulting, Online Aggregator

Ever wondered what is the meaning of learning experience? Discplore defines it. Discover and explore the experiences in learning and teachin


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Team Summary

Discplore is founded by Me, Pavan. Presently pursuing Bachelors of Business Management, University of Mysore. Specializing in Marketing. I'm presently working alone on this idea because friends of my age are either busy with college or helping their dad's in business their business and many feel they are still young to think about business.


Product/Service Summary

DIscplore is aiming and envisioned to create a mindset in people's mind about learning being an experience and bringing experiential learning closer to them in the form of online to offline model. You book classes online, attend them offline and then the end result is the experience you gain and the learning achieved through it.

How are we different?

We are different from our competitors in many ways. One being, we focus on delivering experiences and bringing learning much more nearer to people who have long desired to learn something but haven't because of constraints like expectations, teacher's ability or lack of awareness on the availability. Also we first curate the teacher and then start.

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