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Dishcoveri lets you find the best dishes – at a restaurant, in your city or an area and recommendations completely tailored to your personal

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Team Summary

Dishcoveri Team consist of 'Harshit jain' along with Subhajit Das and Prakhar arora. Harshit is the energy behind the project and looks after the all issues related to tech development angle. Subhajit along with Prakhar works on execution issues like data collection to marketing the product to the foodies and partnering with Restaurants .


Product/Service Summary

Never again find yourself lost in a restaurant asking the waiter or guessing what to try out. Dishcoveri lets you discover the best of every cuisine and dish around you and give recommendations completely tailored to your personal preferences. It lets you know recommendations from your close friends and avoid the risk of a bad experience with food.

How are we different?

We are the answer to lack of insight into the eating trends of customer down to individual dish level Our aim is to understand challenges of foodies as food lovers our-self and create a platform that makes it easier to discover new exciting food experience.

We are facebook of food world where food comes together with social connectivity

Product/Service Descriptions