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If you can do something for you then you can do something for your family and your love. so i wanna do something for me and love as well.


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Team Summary

When I will start a dominos restaurant then it would be depend on customer response.


Product/Service Summary

Everyone knows dominos is a big food brand and that franchise is very costly so that i can't afford that but i will do anything for start business in food industry. NCR is a big platform for food and you can earn big amount. I wanna do something for me because if i will not do something for me then how can i do something for other peoples.

How are we different?

I wanna do something for my love and i can do anything for her. I was shocked when my partner said to me" You can do anything so that trying something it doesn't mater if you don't have money". My age is 24 and i can do work hard because anyone knows if your partner are saying something then you will do definitely i loves her very much.

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