Done Deal Services

  • Mumbai, India
  • E-commerce

Done Deal Services is a startup and is in the process of creating an online portal for Baby & Kids

Proof of Concept

Startup Video



Team Summary

Our management team has 15+ years of professional and combines the experiences of executives with extensive backgrounds in managing and developing successful businesses within the Internet, Risk Management, Supply Chain Management and Marketing industries.


Product/Service Summary

Done Deals Services will create the online portal for Baby & Kids Zone network offering baby & kids quality clothing, toys & school supplies, gear & baby care, foot wear, room decor and safety equipment.

How are we different?

Our layout and design will have to be user-friendly and cutting edge in the eyes of our audience to be successful in attracting repeat users. The features, functionality, and content can be replicated by competitors, but the brand and the consumer experience must differentiate the value proposition to our customers.

Product/Service Descriptions