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DoorGuy helps people avoid missed deliveries by delivering their purchases at their scheduled time.

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Gurgaon-based Doorguy delivers packages from e-commerce orders only when you’re at home | YourStory

It’s quite often that we have ordered something online and the delivery arrived when we were at office or some other place. When the delivery guy is at your house, you try to make receiving arrangements for the package....

Sep 18, 2015


DoorGuy: Delivering without Hassles | KNOWSTARTUP

Are you planning to reschedule your outing as you are expecting a package from an e-commerce site? We say Reconsider…if you ask why? We say because you have “DoorGuy” around. E-commerce, definitely has made our life easy in ways...

Sep 12, 2015


IndianWeb2: This Unique Startup Offers Shipping Address For E-Shoppers To Avoid Failed Deliveries | IndianWeb2

Is your best friend’s wedding scheduled for next month and you have just discovered the perfect lehanga online but are skeptical about ordering it because you don’t know if it would be delivered on time and even if it’s delivered on time you won’t...

Sep 09, 2015


With user-friendly delivery process, Doorguy make sure you never miss a package delivery again | IndianBizParty

As life is busy these days, ordering products online has become second nature, and the shipping cost and time is only getting better. But how often have you ordered something online for your home and delivery arrived when you were at office...

Aug 31, 2015

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Team Summary

Anshul Garg & Sumit Badwal, studied Computer Science & Engineering from IIT Roorkee(2010-14) together. Anshul believes mobility will empower the logistics as it did for cabs and Sumit's major focus is to make awesome user experience on mobile, since most of the data consumption has shifted to mobile devices.


Product/Service Summary

Schedule home delivery of your online purchases until midnight, 7 days a week, same day or weeks away. We give users a new shipping address to use whenever they shop online, and once their packages arrive at our depot, customers use DoorGuy site to schedule delivery to their front door until midnight, in convenient 2-hour windows, 7 days a week.

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