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  • Goa, India
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Drone Nation is an aerial data solutions company providing end to end solutions using custom-built drone hardware and software technologies.

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Team Summary

CEO: Vichar Shroff
Head of Innovations & COO & CMO: Chetan Reddy
CTO & Tech-head: Nikhil Khedekar
CFO & Data-head: Vaibhav Agarwal
Drone Nation is powered by a passionate team of 4 from BITS Pilani Goa with background in Electronics, Mechanical and Software engineering and who have worked on aerial robotics projects with Lockheed Martin, DRDO, HAL etc.

Our team had been working with quadkopters, RC Planes and playing around with aerial robotics since our first year of college. From April 2014 to No 2015, wve worked with Lockheed Martin in an Indian based competition to implement drones and drone solutions in disaster management and mitigation and we learnt the amazing impact drones and aerial data could have in industries and civilian life.We then decided to convert into a venture.
Our passion for drones and creating value drives us at Drone Nation and we think its really beautiful to get raw data from the air which can later be transformed to business intelligence and critical data.


Founding Team

Vichar Shroff


Team Members

Chetan Reddy

Chetan Reddy


Product/Service Summary

Drone Nation integrates custom-built drone hardware and software technologies to enable and assist customers involved in key sectors of the economy such as Real Estate, Infrastructure, Energy & Utilities, Agriculture etc.
We currently provide drone services in Aerial Photogrammetry, Mapping & Surveying, 3D modelling, Inspection & Monitoring . Our expertise lies in providing better reach, productivity and authenticity for our clients and we provide them with complete end to end solutions and business intelligence using aerial data.
We make money by helping enterprises and industries save huge amount of money and time across their operations and projects using key aerial data and business intelligence provided through our sector specific customized drone hardware and proprietary data analytics platform.
We are a one stop drone solution providing authentic business intelligence in a turnkey, affordable manner to enterprises so as to increase productivity and process capabilities.

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