Alyss edusolutions pvt ltd

  • Noida, India
  • Education

Alyss, founded by IIT Alumnus, provides motivating 3D/HD animation science/math videos to students.

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Launching the brand in New Delhi




Team Summary

Founded by IIT Alumnus, technical team has 10+ years experience in 3D/HD animation technology experience. Content team contains PhD experts in science and software team has many years of PHP and android experience. Team size is small and nimble, highly hands-on, technology oriented.


Product/Service Summary

Alyss provides 3 types of products in K-12 sector for schools for CBSE and IB syllabus -
1. native 3D/HD animation videos and content to schools for science and math
2. Native 3D/HD animation videos, labs, theory and question/answers in science for direct subscription to parents.
3. Content also available on pen drive.
4. Apps available.

How are we different?

Alyss is one of the very few ed-tech companies in the world that provides native 3D ecosystem for both animation videos and interactive animation labs. usage of its content in schools by teachers will help them teach science concepts to students in an easy manner. Alyss self study package usage by students will help score well in science.

Product/Service Descriptions