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Handpicked fresh, clean & healthy meat with customized cuts and home made marinations delivery

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Team Summary

Karan Singh - Co-founder and CEO

Being extremely health-conscious and particular about his food, Karan observed the latent demand for fresh meat in the market and started working towards finding various gaps and problems faced by customers while buying meat.
Karan is solely responsible for supplier management at the company, and understands the meat quality and customer requirements well. He manages the sourcing and delivery models, and is required to think on his feet and a play the role of problem-solver.
He graduated from Symbiosis and started EasyMeat right after.

Vijeta Singh - Co-founder and COO

Vijeta graduated from Symbiosis College with a degree in Economics in 2012, and worked as an investment banker with Ernst & Young, Mumbai for a year before the entrepreneurial bug bit her. When approached by her brother, Karan Singh, CEO, EasyMeat.in, with the idea of selling fresh and customized meats, she was sold on the spot and decided to quit her job to help EasyMeat.in become a reality.
Being a woman in the meat industry in India is certainly not an easy feat, however she is focused, driven and hungry for growth. At EasyMeat.in, Vijeta is responsible for accounts and finance

Shiva Sharan - Co-founder and CMO

Shiva plays a key role in the organization’s marketing, sales and public relations functions. Shiva has worked with Bristlecone, a supply chain and procurement company in Bangalore for over two years. Shiva holds a degree in BSc. Economics from Symbiosis International University, Pune and graduated in 2013.
Always excited to try out something new, when Shiva heard of EasyMeat.in in its formative stages, he jumped right in. Armed with the ability to sell EasyMeat.in’s products seamlessly, Shiva’s skills have provided the company a much required thrust. In his spare time, Shiva likes to golf and is a percussionist.

Siddarth Bhosle - CTO

Network and systems manager with 18 years of experience, Siddarth is responsible for everything related to technology. He founded Green Earth Network in 2012 - a software and hardware solutions company in Pune
He has experience in varied applications of Information Technology over large scale networks and a keen understanding of customer requirements and knack of moulding current services and processes to provide quality to the customer, leading to customer delight. Efficient communication skills and leadership quality made him the perfect fit for EasyMeat.in


Founding Team

vijeta singh


EasyMeat.in (2015 - present)
Co Founder

Ernst & Young (2013 - 2014)
Investment Banking Analyst


Symbiosis International University
Bachelor of Science (BSc) • 2009 - 2012

Karan Singh

Karan Singh


Team Members

Siddharth Bhosle

Siddharth Bhosle


Product/Service Summary

EasyMeat.in is a meat sourcing platform for the everyday meat consumer in India -> delivery and retail of freshly cut handpicked meats
Our ready-to-cook section includes delicious marinated meat in some of the world renowned flavours. The marinations are made with home-made spices and olive oil to give it that perfect blend of healthy home food.

Product/Service Descriptions