• Mumbai, India
  • E-commerce makes assembling a computer process online and we will deliver the assembled system to the customer.


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Team Summary

Our team comprises of three members: Navin Gupta, Vasudevan Nadar and Faisal Khan. We all had zeal of having something of our own right from college.For having love for computers we finally chose this to be our first venture. I have 4 years experience as a database administrator and still in my current company, Vasu is working as a Unix admin for 4 years and Faisal is SAP APO Consultant with 2 years of experience. We invest time in our work after office hours and on weekends and whenever we are free from office work.
We have distributed work among us. I take care of Vendor and supplier meetings, product procurement, website layout design. Faisal helps with website layout too since layout comprises of many parts and modules, website requirements like payment gateway and presentations. Vasu co-ordinates with packaging material suppliers and courier services. Website development we will outsource to one of the developers we are in talk with.


Founding Team

Navin Gupta

Co-Founder, Director
Vasudevan Nadar

Vasudevan Nadar

Co-Founder, Director
Faisal Khan

Faisal Khan

Co-Founder, Director

Product/Service Summary is a web based ecommerce portal dedicated to computers under NAVAFA TECHNOLOGIES that provide users an easy to use UI to assemble their whole system as they do in a brick and mortar shop. User can either build their whole system or just buy parts. We are making personal computers more personal by bringing the whole assembly process online and making it hastle free of visiting a shop. We require around USD 8 million since it's an inventory model and assembly based and products we have to buy from few distributors who already confirmed their association which completes almost 70% of our product requirement. This amount is for everything right from product to office and warehouse space.

Product/Service Descriptions