student's world

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It is a english newspaper for the student community in India .


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Team Summary

there are two members in the team myself s basak and Mr N chatterjee. Iam sudipto basak who is a Btech from iit kharagpur in 1997 and MBA from aim manila in 2005 and has ten years of analyst e


Founding Team

Sudipto basak


Product/Service Summary

It is a english newspaper for the student community. STUDENT’S WORLD - A Newspaper ( English language based ) solely for the students( all over India ) .There is a need for the specialized newspaper in India catering to wholly student community . There are certain things the traditional newspaper don’t publish or deal with respect to student community . It is the newspaper by , for the and of the student community. It may be a game changer in a country like india with huge student community.All the problems , aspirations and opportunities of the student community can be dealt with this newspaper .there is unmet demand for the newspaper for the student community in India . India is very big country with large population of students studying in various school , colleges and universities across the country . A newspaper wholly ( fully)

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