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edWisor.com is a platform which helps professionals & students to get skilled & hired in high growth job roles

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Team Summary

Raman (CEO)-Ex-BCG consultant & industry veteran with 5 yrs of experience. Passout of SRCC & a CA

Aditya (CTO)-Computer science engineer from BIT Mesra with 2 yrs of experience in edtech startups-edlogiq, campusdope & edwisor

1) One Founder with consulting/business experience from industry stalwarts like BCG & who is crazy about solving challenging problems & right now has only one mission- to solve skill development problem for mother India. He wants to build an Indian multi-national in skill sector
2) Another founder is a die hard coder & geek who holds record for straight 36 hous of coding with dozen tequila shots. This is guy is equally crazy about solving the skill problem as he spent lakhs of his parents money in a private college where he got nothing besides an unemployable degree.
3) Founder's have bootstrapped initially to understand the market & build a scalable solution.
4) We are Punjabis with frugal mindset of a Marwari or baniya which we learnt while bootstrapping.
5) Founders don't believe in cash burn model but rather building a sustainable revenue driven model in which expansion pays for itself. We broke even our first month of operation which was Sep-2015


Product/Service Summary

edWisor.com is a platform which provides industry skills through professionals working in companies right now. These professionals take out 2-4 hours a week & teach a industry curriculum which is linked to job roles & skills needed by employers in industry.

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