8'45 LIVE

  • Delhi, India
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Where good musicians meet the sought after music lovers .

Early Revenues

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Team Summary

8'45 Live is being run by a team of 10 guys , 2 of them are working in building the community of people who likes to go out to listen to music .
Another 2 are working towards building a portfolio of locations where music gigs can take place in rotation . Another 2 are working to build a community of independent artists .( these guys have stellar experience in music production and live gigs management )
Another 2 handle the location experiences in terms of design , beverage , check in , check out etc
Me and X , we manage the cash flow, investment in production equipments , operation coordination of vertically integrated activities .


Founding Team

Aditya Agarwal


Product/Service Summary

8'45 Live is an offline and online enabled platform meant to provide live music experiences by independent artists at the places curated my the followers of the platform itself . The whole idea is to move the experience of the music to inbound experience inculcating all the services along with the music .

Product/Service Descriptions