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Elasticjobs makes search for flexible, part time, freelance, home based jobs easier, Faster, Safer

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Sep 15, 2016


Interview of our Founder & CEO - Mr. Abhishek Bagaria | Yo Success

Aug 26, 2016


Team Summary

The founder, CEO of the company is a graduate from IIT Kharagpur, and MBA from S P Jain Institute of Management, He hails from a Business family, and has about 16 years of Experience in Industry, having worked for companies like Mphasis, Cognizant, ITC, Diageo in India and US. Other teams members, are a mix of Engineers, Mgmt and Arts Graduate.


    • Ayan Banerjee

    • Chief Operational Manager

Product/Service Summary

- We make hunting for flexible jobs easier, faster, and safer.
- We also help the companies find right resources for their Flexible Jobs.
- We are a marketplace for Flexible Jobs and Resources, which is enabled by intelligent humans and Technology.
- Typically we deal with Part Time, Work from home, Freelance, Flex time, Internship Jobs. - Our prime customers are Women, Students, Retired people, Freelancers looking for Part time / Work from home / Freelancing type of jobs.

How are we different?

Staffing is a huge industry and there are multiple players in the market. From big Job Portals to medium /big Job Consultants, all are part of this industry. Our company deals only with flexible jobs and resources. Our customers are Job Seekers who are looking for flexible job options and the Companies who want to tap into this resource base. We do not deal with normal full time jobs, and this is how we are different. We believe that flexible jobs need to be dealt in a different way.
There is a lot of junk and scam posted in the name of flexible jobs. We follow a process, where every single job on Elasticjobs is reviewed / screened by intelligent humans and the system for legitimacy, before it is allowed on the portal. So we filter out all junk and present to our users good, clean, quality jobs. The Job seekers too need to be dealt in a different way.
The expertise we built in dealing with such jobs, shall be our difference in a long run.

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