Elegart Solar

  • Delhi, India
  • clean energy

We are making solar powered applications an affordable style statement in urban areas..

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Team Summary

Shashank Shekhar(Cofounder)IIT Kanpur. Co-founder Ek Sparsh-Prakriti Ka, has working experience with TERI, Co-ordinator of Group for Environment & Energy Engineering, IIT Kanpur.
Saurabh Bansod(Co- founder)- IIT Kanpur. Co-founded Ek Sparsh-Prakriti Ka, been a part of start-ups earlier.
Shradha Adep- Product Designer, MIT Design Institute, Pune


Product/Service Summary

We specialize in state-of-the-art aesthetically appealing outdoor solar lighting solutions and create eco-friendly solar powered hang out places. We add value to conventional solar energy systems by incorporating additional amenities like charging points, advertising space, music and e-library to make them more commercially viable.

How are we different?

We are the first company to enter this specialized filed in India. We focus on aesthetic solar power products will offer various cost effective customizable products to integrate with architecture
and provide complete services to create clean energy driven public spaces.

Product/Service Descriptions