Emotion Mining Company Inc.

  • Boston, USA
  • HealthcareHealthcare Technology, MarketingMarket Research, Emotional Intelligence, Leadership Development

Work with EM Co to discover truth as a competitive advantage and begin with the heart of the matter.

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Team Summary

Satish Jha - Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Kennedy School of Government, ISS The Hague, EDHEC

Tom Snyder - MD, PHD, Stanford University

Jim Graves - MBA, Darden School of Business (University of Virginia)

Mary-Catherine McCarey - MBA, Babson College

Ketan Jha - LLB (Hons), University of Sussex


    • Tom Snyder

    • Chief Research Officer

    • Jim Graves

    • SVP, Research Services

    • Mary-Katherine McCarey

    • VP, Marketing

    • Ketan Jha

    • Investments Officer

    • Part time

Product/Service Summary

Emotion Mining Company's product Emovera is a first-of-its-kind technology that captures the deepest truths of the human subconsciousness. Emotion Mining Company services businesses with Emovera to address several questions related to branding, market research, leadership development, and motivation.

How are we different?

Emotion Mining Company has a unique technology that reliably measures the impact of subconscious emotions on the choices we make.

Product/Service Descriptions