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enggHeads is here to make online learning & teaching experience interesting !

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

Our team comprise of a founder (Rahul Agarwal : https://in.linkedin.com/in/aboutrahul) & a co-founder (Gaurav Varshney : https://in.linkedin.com/pub/gaurav-varshney/19/88b/a44) working as part time.
We have a team of talented developers and a graphic designer. We are building a marketing team to bring offline coaching & test prep institutes online


Product/Service Summary

enggHeads provides a SaaS based online learning platform to educators to setup their online institution for free within minutes and market their courses
A student can not only learn from the courses offered by online institutions but also connect with other learners to seek help on his course related questions

How are we different?

1 Any educator can start its online institution within minutes & for free.
2 State of the art SaaS platform to run their online institution
3 Amazing statistics provided to educator to track their students progress
4 Our Pay-as-you-go flat price model
5 Simple GUI & unique features for students to make their online learning experience interesting

Product/Service Descriptions