En Route Thursdays Entertainment LLP

  • Gurgaon, India
  • Media & EntertainmentEntertainment, Live Entertainment, Music, Content

Working closely with working professionals who wish to pursue passion, developing content; providing them avenues and sharing profits.

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Team Summary

8 member core team focusing on event management, artist management, content development, creative production and marketing communication.


    • Laksh Maheshwari

    • Co-Founder

    • Ritu Prakash

    • Co-Founder

Product/Service Summary

ERT Entertainment LLP is a platform for working professionals to pursue their passion with the talents they have along with the 9 hour job. Currently based out of Gurgaon the platform is focusing on Music. We are working closely with these working professionals to create quality content and provide avenues to showcase their talent.

How are we different?

We are the first of its kind and have worked over this idea for a year before developing scalable and profitable sub concepts. We have been trying to help working professionals pursue their passion not worrying about things that have been stopping them all this while. In return we a generating great digital content.

Product/Service Descriptions