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is the most
valuable resource

in any startup

Digitize, secure, and manage
your Cap Table and ESOPs
for free

An end-to-end equity management solution for startups across India, Singapore, and USA

Single source of truth for all stakeholders (founders, CFOs, company secretaries, and investors)

View investor and round information in one place

Store fundraise documentation in a secure vault

Access tools that aid you with round and exit modelling

One-click conversion of convertible instruments like convertible notes,
CCDs, etc

Create your customised ESOP policy in one-click

Digitise the ESOP grant process and other workflows like exercise, buyback, and liquidity

View and manage expense reports and custom analytics in one place

Improve organisational culture by providing transparency for your employees

HRMS integration for effortless syncing of employee data

An easy way to translate ESOPs into real wealth for your team

Founder, HR, CFO and the board have full control of the process

This protocol has been endorsed by India’s top VCs

New investors come in via a single cap table entry

Customise and plan periodic liquidity events.

ISO 27001 certified for information security and handling of your data

Regular third party VAPT testing for the software

Data encrypted at rest in the database, custom encryption available using AWS KMS

Terms of use clearly bars use of data except for customer support and anonymised analytics