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  • Delhi, India
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Innovation is key for success and its our DNA, We believe tech is for techie not for end-user

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Team Summary

S. Gopalakrishana (IIT-KGP, IIM-A with 25 Yrs of reach corporate experience)
Prabind Kr Singh (Serial Innovator, OSS enthusiast with 10 Yrs work Exp)
Very strong management and product development team with domain experience. Most f them are from IIT and other premier institute with sizable experience.


    • S.Gopalakrishna

    • Board of Directors, Founder

Product/Service Summary

( UROBoard) - An interactive ,Computing ,55" LED BOARD
(UROTAB) - Educational Tablet PC with KG to 12th CBSE content and IIT prep, Highly optimized for the cause.
(UROCLOUD): Cloud platform services like UROERP, UROSECURE, UROExam,
(UROSECURE): 1st ever security cum VMS system for covering 360 degree security need supported with cloud platform.

How are we different?

We are highly adaptable to the customer requirement. Since we are a product company and all product are developed in house hence we tailor made the solution as per our customer need. We not only sale our solution we acquire the customer for longer duration.

Product/Service Descriptions