Exonn Agriculture Automations

  • Nashik, India
  • Agriculture

Need to irrigate your farms? Do it smartly Save time electricity and water. Its smart, its reliable, its productive.

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Team Summary

We are team of three.
Mr.Suyog who is a PhD holder in embedded systems and holds 5 years of experience in product development
Mr.Ajay who is a bachelors in engineering having 4 years of experience in business related to agriculture
And Mr Swapnil who is a diploma holder in industrial electronics and have 6 years of experience in sales


Product/Service Summary

We have designed a Agricultural product for Automated irrigation. It is a fully automation product which once programmed it will take care of switching on and off of valves and motor pumps for the programmed scheduled time thus saving water and electricity thus giving time to farmers for other important tasks in farming.

How are we different?

India being a Agriculture country and the uncertainty of electricity and water supply lead us and inspired us to develop this product.
Many multinationals are stepping in India for Agriculture automations but they offer the same in a hefty price of 8 to 10 lac which many can't afford.
We offer the same product in a price which is affordable .

Product/Service Descriptions