Exploride Inc.

  • Bangalore, India
  • Automotive, AR/VR (Augmented + Virtual Reality), Big Data, SaaS, Location Based Services, Mobile

Augmented reality Head-up display for any car. Exploride sits on the dashboard of the vehicle & shows minimal but relevant information.

Steady Revenues

Startup Video



Half of all Spyker supercars sell in the U.S. | Autoweek.com

Apr 14, 2017


Spyker goes with Koenigsegg & Exploride | New Atlas

Supplementing the leather interior of the Spyker Preliator is a gesture-controlled head-up display - EXPLORIDE

Mar 07, 2017


Exploride, Spyker Cars to launch next gen automobile technologies | Economic Times

Bengaluru startup, Exploride has partnered with Spyker Cars, a Dutch sports car marque for next generation automobile technologies.

Mar 07, 2017


50 Hot Startups to watch out for in 2017 | Economic Times

Not just BMW, Mercedes & Audi, Exploride's Heads-Up display is meant for all cars.

Dec 13, 2016


Is There a Safe Way to Text While Driving? | Wall Street Journal

Internet, we just can’t quit you. Climb into the car, and…bleep! My smartphone knows a better route. Blop! It’s a message from my boss. Bling! Trump’s hair is trending.

Nov 02, 2016


Founded Exploride.




Raised seed fund from Guerrilla Ventures. and Startup Village - USD 75K



IndieGoGo Launch

Product pre-order launch via IndieGoGo.


Sales Target

Raised $100,000 via pre-orders


Awards and Recognition

Top innovative company in IT - Young Entrepreneurs Summit by Kerala Govt.


Awards and Recognition

Innovative company award - Texas Instruments 2016.




$1.3M raised via pre-orders. Generating 35K USD per month revenue.


Media Coverage

Top 50 startup to watch out in 2017 - Economic Times


Media Coverage

Top 50 mobility startup by Detroit Auto Expo committee.


Beta Testing

Started beta testing in Bangalore & USA



B2B Offer

SaaS based platform integration with a supercar manufacturer in EU.


New Team Member

Imad Samhat, Former Director of Flex & Jawbone joined as VP Operations.


New Product Release

Integrated Spyker C8 Preliator launches at 87th international Geneva Motor Show


Product Launch

Unveiling standalone product and integrated product @ 2017 New York Auto Show


Beta Shipping

Beta shipping scheduled for July 30, 2017


Retail Launch

All set to launch via Amazon Launchpad & Brookstone online stores.


New Product Release

OEM integration POC with 5th largest auto company.



Finance Associate Finance/Accounting
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Bangalore, India
quickbooks, Account Management, Legal

Job Description

* To keep an accurate and complete record of financial transactions in the computerized  accounting system. (Quickbooks)
* To maintain proper filing of vouchers and backup documents and safe storage of cheque books  and banking records.
* To prepare monthly bank reconciliation statements and to reconcile account balances.
* To make fund requests to Exploride US office regularly and as needed.
* Understand the process between US and India transaction and invoicing
* Connect with US lawyers and Accountants for smooth operation and annual tax filing
* To prepare salary sheets of Exploride India staff
* To arrange deposits of wages, taxes, and other employment related liabilities.
* Perform a variety of administrative support duties such as drafting correspondences, and filing  records of financial transactions.
* Preparation of annual budgets that align with the organization’s growth, priorities, and goals with * input from multiple stakeholders.
* Maintain insurance policies’ database and ensure that renewals are processed timely.
* Manage and comply with local, state, and federal government reporting requirements and tax  filings.
* Liaise with Auditors in the preparation of the year-end financial statements
* To ensure timely deposit of taxes, PF fund and liaise with respective organizations to update  records.
* To procure goods and services, ensuring compliance with Exploride and donor rules and  regulations.
* To maintain proper inventory records of products and equipment owned by Exploride and  ensure that appropriate control systems are in place and complied.
* To support/oversee logistic arrangements for project activities and travel.
* Any other tasks assigned by management.

Preferred Skills
* Strong analytical and problem-solving skills
* Strong experience in Quickbooks
* Team player and ability to work independently
* Practical work experience in ERP systems
* Strong technical accounting background
* Strong Excel skills and good knowledge of MS Office preferred
* Strong organizational skills
* Excellent communication and relationship building skills with an ability to prioritize, negotiate    and work with a variety of internal and external stakeholders
* A multi-tasker with the capacity to wear many hats in a fast-paced environment

Team Summary

We have an active 15 full-time working employees. The co-founders have an overall experience of 50+ years in technology, design, development, sales and business development area.

Sunil Vallath (Founder, CEO): Previously Hardware & Network Engineer at MSX, WIPRO, and SYMANTEC.

Pranav Ranjan (Co-Founder, Product Manager): 16+ years of experience in software architecture and development. Previously, Talisma, Bravura.

Peeyush Upadhyay (Co-Founder, Software Lead): Previously software lead for Oracle, Talisma and Bravura.

Imad Samhat: 15+ years of experience in manufacturing and supply chain. Previously Senior Director of Flextronics and Director at Jawbone.

Avijit Prakash (Optical Engineer): DAAD Scholar in Optics from Stuttgart. M.Tech from IIT Delhi.

Sunit Sharma (Head of Design): 13+ years of experience in designing and user experience development. Previously design lead at Snapdeal.

Kapil Keshavrani (Embedded Engineer): M.Tech in Embedded engineering from IIT Delhi.


    • Pranav Ranjan

    • Product Manager, Co-Founder

    • Sunit Sharma

    • Head of Design

    • Peeyush Updadhyay

    • Software Lead, Co-Founder

    • Imad Samhat

    • VP Operations

    • Jithin V R

    • Sr. Mechanical Engineer

    • Jithin Das

    • Sr. Firmware Engineer

    • Avijit Prakash

    • Optical Engineer

    • Kapil Keshavrani

    • Embedded Engineer

    • Jijesh P.K

    • Sr. Embedded Engineer

    • Mayank Bhatnagar

    • Sr. Software Developer - Android

    • Abhijeet Jadav

    • Software Engineer

    • Ashish Rajak

    • Visual Designer / Animator

    • Lucky Tyagi

    • Firmware Engineer

    • Prasad Sasikumar

    • Admin & Finance

Product/Service Summary

Exploride revolutionizes the driving experience with augmented reality heads-up display, that powers the next-generation connected services for cars. It improves driving experience via advanced navigation, predictive maintenance and vehicle-centric services, remote monitoring, external mobile experiences and over-the-air updates. It uses patent-pending optical engineering, gesture and voice control provide a more connected, intelligent and personal driving experience.

Product/Service Descriptions