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Do you want a cleaner captable? Negotiate better in the current and next round on your investor rights? LetsVenture now extends its fund structure to founders and investors.

Why Single Cap Table?

For Founders

This allows you to have a single entry on the cap table. All your individual investors come in as members of the Angel AIF, and you have only one entity on your cap table. Think of this like one microfund on your captable.

Why is this important?

  1. Single entry on the cap table ensures you are more attractive to VC/Institutions coming in the next round.

  2. Management of investors is simplified (signatures, consent for events in the company is managed by a single entity).

  3. You still have the discretion to bring specific investors (based on cheque size or your relationship with the investor) directly on the cap table.

  4. As a startup registered in India, you are exempt from Angel tax as there is an institution investing.

  5. LetsVenture ensures the investment meets governance and compliance standards.

  6. SEBI compliant.

For Investors

If you have a network of friends / alumni groups / workplace network who typically invest together, this might be the ideal solution for you. Think of this as a virtual network leveraging a regulated SPV.

Why is this important?

  1. As a group of investors who are accredited, you can bring your network as one entity to the founder.

  2. As a single entity, think of yourself almost like a fund. A structure that helps with better investor management in the backend and makes you more attractive to founders.

  3. Participating investors can commit smaller cheque sizes.

  4. With a fund structure, the lead can charge a carry from the participating investors and can be customized per deal.

  5. Centralised reporting to all your investors in the backend.

  6. LV takes care of all compliance and reporting obligations to SEBI.

  7. LV takes care of portfolio reporting post investment, which includes valuation of portfolio.

  8. SEBI compliant.

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