• Gurgaon, India
  • E-commerce

Fabence.com Personalised Fashion Discovery engine and Shopping assistant - de-cluttering online mkt.

Beta Launched

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Team Summary

. Anshul Gupta, Student SRCC Delhi - founder
2. Aisha K , Student SRCC Delhi , Campus marketing
3. Swati S - Corporate professional, expertise in Social Media
4. Snehil K - IT Industry professional, expertise in web development
5. Vaibhav W - IT Industry professional, developing fabence platform
6. Amit G - Sr Industry Professional , Mentor


Product/Service Summary

Fabence is a discovery platform allowing a user to search and discover millions of fashion products from various e-Retailers on one platform. Fabence has introduced many new features in the market such as shop with friends, stylist that lead to higher engagement of a user and providing a higher experience by following a data oriented approach.

How are we different?

Focusing on a niche market by focusing on discovery of fashion. The core focus lies on personalization and Fabence has adopted a completely data oriented approach that has led to creating in built stylist that makes personalized product suggestions based on user preferences and physical attributes, Shop with Friends brings Offline experience.

Product/Service Descriptions