• Hyderabad, India
  • Fashion, Big Data, E-commerce

Enables every woman to have a personal stylist at zero cost.

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Team Summary

Startup Experiences, Deep Technology, IITs, Strong Domain expertise, Complementary skills, Business Experience, Data science, Artificial Intelligence


    • vikas jethnani

    • Co-Founder, CTO

    • Meenakshi Nahata

    • Chief Stylist, Co-Founder

    • Shailesh Kumar

    • Advisor

Product/Service Summary

Fabulyst is an AI that enables styling theory assisted shopping at fashion e-commerce stores. The whole idea is to address natural user intents and queries in shopping workflow and hence increase conversion rate.

Consider few frequent real world user queries/intents - show me elegant dresses for party that make me look slimmer, will this apparel suit my dusky tone, or heavy upper body, body shape etc. These are largely unaddressed. Fabulyst is first of a kind B2B(2C) solution that takes as input regular e-commerce inventory and like a personal stylist answers effortlessly for every user all aforementioned queries both with product suggestions & natural language.

As per a study by Baymard Institute (https://baymard.com/ecommerce-search), 84% of fashion e-commerce has poor/mediocre filter experience.

The system uses proprietary algorithms (patents under progress) that combine deep learning and 40000+ styling rules to work in tandem.

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